Quite interestingly, the given report, basically demonstrates two figures i.e. bar chart and pie chart. Along with, detailed information on relationship between interest of students for study and its percentage which is found in bar chart and pie chart reveals sharing of costs of courses by multi-factors.  Two of the points, interest for study and cost sharing are prominently seen. Let us have a summarized written account of it.

Initially, the given bar chart illuminates that the highest interest of adults in study was due to interest i.e. 40% whereas the percentage was 9% for meeting people. The factors like interest in subject as well as gaining qualification show increasing trend. On the other hand, factors like interest in study for current job, improve prospect of promotion and enjoying learning reflected 20%.

Moving on to the rest of the figure like pie chart tells us that Cost of courses is shared by three main dividends. Individual bears 40%, employers 30% whereas taxpayer 25% and the apex of share were from individual’s side.


To conclude, finally, we can categorically assert that bar chart shows that the highest reason for participation in the course was due to interest in subject and the lowest was to meet the people. Likewise, maximum cost was shared by individual himself and lowest was by taxpayers.  So, on the whole, both bar chart and pie chart have multiple factors with different values have been described clearly.

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The given diagram depicts the process of information collection on weather by Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Factually, the process undergoes four steps including incoming information, analysis and forecasting, preparing the broadcast and broadcast. Let us have the elaborated scrutiny of the given information in detail.

Factually, according to this diagram, first of all, the diagram shows that satellite, radar and drifting buoy are the sources of incoming information. Secondly, these computer-based machines have certain chips known as transmitters which keep on emitting signals received from environment they are moving or operating on.

In addition, if we further analyze, it comes to surface that information transmitted by these devices show on their respective outputs like satellite photo, radar screen and synoptic chart. Moreover, the set of information squeezed from the said output tools is streamlined on a computer and sent for final broadcast. In this process, various software applications are employed to prepare for final broadcast.

Let us have some consideration of the constant development in this whole process of broadcast. Overall, we can see information is brought on broadcast in precise, clear and appealing as well. For final broadcast, different devices are used like T.V newsreaders, radio and recorded announcement. Now, in the concluding lines, we may assert that entire process from reception of information to its broadcast has been discussed in detail.

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