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 IELTS Speaking Tips

1. Before the exam listen and then go for speaking.

2. Correct yourself in case of fault.

3. Utilize uncommon words.

4. Take heed to the grammar in the question.

5. Don’t learn answer before the exam.

6. Speak articulately and be self-generated.

7. Express your popular opinion.

8. Ask for illumination if you don’t understand the question.

9. Make an eye contact.

10. Be confident and positive.

11. Stick to the topic given and make sure your answer the question.

12. Talk aloud enough, so that the examiner can assess you. Don’t speak too

quietly or mumble your words

13. Give an example about yourself and make sure it’s interesting and this will

help you!

14. Try to speak like native speakers.

15. Give lengthy answers.

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