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Everyone tries one’s best to get the maximum of IELTS bands i.e. 8.5 or 9 bands in IELTS.

People usually search on internet for different types of tips to be followed upon for getting the 9 maximum bands in IELTS. Here follow are writing tips in ielts exams and I hope that following these tips you can easily achieve the maximum bands in ielts writing module.

  1. When my mistakes are corrected , I learn from the corrections
  2. I write a variety of text types in the target language (e.g. Notes, Messages)
  3. I plan my writing before I start
  4. If I cannot think of the correct expression I think of another way to express my meaning (synonyms)
  5. I write letters or emails to friends in the target language
  6. I write a rough copy before writing a good copy
  7. I am unsure about something I want to write I try to express my meaning and do not worry too much about correctness.
  8. I use reference materials (e.g. a Dictionary, Thesaurus or Grammar book) to check that what I am writing is correct.
  9. I write a diary in the target language
  10. I get someone to proof read my writing.
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