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                        Tips for IELTS Listening 

The IELTS Listening test is same for  both academic and general training.

Follow the instruction carefully. They may be different to practice as previous test.

  1. Listen the specific information you want.
  2. Try and anticipate what speaker will say.This will require concentration.
  3. Don’t worry if there is a word you do not understand.You may not need to use it.
  4. If you do not know the answer to a question, attempt it but do not waste time, move quickly to the neat one.
  5. Be careful with your spelling and grammar.
  6. Read write and listen at the same time.
  7. Focus practically on what you are asked to do in completion type questions.
  8. Pay attention to the word limit for example, if you are asked to complete a sentence using no more than two words, if the correct answer is leather coat, The answer ‘Coat made of leather’ would be incorrect.
  9. Attempt all the questions and check your answers.
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