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IELTS – A Key to Success

By Farooq Yousaf

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) has been tagged as an artistic triumph in Pakistan and beyond the borders. At present, due to economic –highhandedness of western countries, brain drain of talented youth is taking place from the east to the west with unending stream. So, every young one is seeking ones future in USA,CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK and New Zealand along with many other English Speaking Countries both for academic, entrepreneurship and employment purposes. Let’s typically analyze with reference to Pakistan why everyone is interested in IELTS as the only key to success. Here are some statistics which illustrate real picture of success which is directly pinned up to IELTS.



Annual Salary





Merritt Hawkins







Computer Programmer







The above mentioned digits are mere glimpse of the financial boom which one can avail only if one secures required bands in IELTS. Quite interestingly, even people doing odd jobs in English Speaking Countries are raising their towers in Pakistan and their families are leading glamorous lifestyles. Mostly, skilled professions in Pakistan suffer a lot in the hands of government/private sectors. The initial years of their service prove the acid test for them because mostly doctors, engineers and lawyers divert from their professions because of poor earning. In contrast to it, the salary packages mentioned above show paradisiacal glimpse of life whereas for this drift of skilled labor to USA, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand is justified because same human capital is highly paid in these countries. It is not astonishing that Australian and Canadian Immigration Department is always welcoming skilled labor to their countries for demonstration of their skills. In Pakistan, Mr. Farooq Yousaf, Worlds best IELTS trainer, has been rendering services for coaching English language across the country. His magical skills of IELTS have made him have a feather in his cap among the galaxies of so-called IELTS trainers. A high IELTS score can open many doors if you want to study, live or work in Australia.  A score of 7 or above would be accepted in just about every area that Australian universities. A high score in your IELTS examination can also allow you to gain more points in the points test and grant your more access to different work visas to Australia. Most businesses require overseas employees working in Australia to prove their English level with an IELTS Score.

To sum up, it can be said that in country like Pakistan, IELTS is the only source of success because the enormous difference between Pakistan and western countries is compelling young talent to explore a wide range of opportunities in those countries. IELTS is a goal which could prove lifeline for those who are victims of adversity of life.


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Advocate high court

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