1. As thick as thieves

          Meaning: Informal very friendly

          Usage: Tahir and Ali were always quarreling until recently, but now they are as thick as thieves.

  1. At close quarters

          From only a short distance away

          Akram had never seen a lion at close quarters before.

  1. At sixes and sevens

          In complete disorder

          Usually things are at sixes and sevens in a bachelor’s room.

  1. Baby of the team

Youngest member of the team.

          He is called the baby by his teammates because he is hardly 15 years old

  1. Get off my back

          Leave me alone

          You better get off my back and let me do what I think is right.

  1. Behind bars

          In prison

          The assassin has been behind bars for a year  now.

  1. Blood bath

          Killing of many people on one occasion

          At the advent of partition of sub-continent, there was a blood bath on a very large scale.

  1. Full of beans


          She looks thin and frail but she is full of beans.

  1. Bear fruit

          Produce result

          I hope my hard work will bear fruit.

  1. Beat about the bush

          Not to say directly what one means, avoid mentioning what one is really concerned with.

          Stop beating about the bush, tell me directly why you have come here.

  1. Alive and kicking

          Informal  and in good health

          I was glad to hear that your grandmother is still alive and kicking.

  1. All and sundry

          Everyone, without making choice

          Adnan invites all and sundry to its parties, l.e anyone who is available.

  1. All out

          Very determined

          Our government is going to make an all-out effort for the upliftment of poor and backward classes.

  1. Alpha and omega

          The beginning and the end

          Worship of Good is alpha and omega of all the religions.

  1. Across the table

          In front of one another, with both the parties present.

          Many transactions take place across the table.

  1. Catch in the act

          Discovering somebody including in a particular act.

          The student was caught in the act of cheating in the examination hall.

  1. Addle egg


          Addle egg spoil function.

  1. By the agency of

          With the support of        

          Men do survive by the agency of God.

  1. Cup of tea

          The sort of thing or person one likes

          I’ve never been to the playground its not my cup of tea.

  1. To go to the dogs

          To be ruined

          For want of proper management Zeeshan’s business has gone to the dogs and he is almost on the verge of closing it

  1. Eat like a horse

          Eat a large amount of food

          Amir has a very good appetite he eats like a horse.

  1. Odds and ends

          Miscellaneous items

          Everything is engrossed in odds and ends of life.

  1. Go bust

          Become bankrupt

          The firm went bust and fifty workers lost their job.

  1. Busy as a bee

          When the teacher peeped in, the children were busy as bees writing.

  1. A can of worms

Complicated problem

What seemed to be such a simple solution turned out to be a can of worms.

  1. Capital idea

          Excellent idea

          It is a capital idea of the artist.

  1. To be in cloud

          To dream of what is unattainable

          As long as you are young, you are in cloud.

  1. On book account

          On credit

          He bought a TV on book account.

  1. A closed book

          A subject which one knows nothing about

          Metaphysics is a closed book to me.

  1. Broadly speaking

          In general terms         on the whole

          Broadly speaking in our society, driver tend to be male, and telephone operator female but of course, there are exceptions.

  1. Kick the bucket


          The greedy relatives were just waiting for the rich old man to kick the bucket.

  1. Burst open

          Open suddenly

          The parents burst open their son’s door when they heard no reply from inside.

  1. Beat the clock

          Finish something before time

          He beat the clock to it by finishing his task well in time.

  1. You bet


          Do you want to come for the movie tonight? You bet I do!

  1. Between two fires

          To earn displeasure of both the parties

          A wise arbitrator always avoids to be between two fires.

  1. Big wig

          A leading or important man

          Asif is a big wig of our company.

  1. Blue angel

          Extraordinary beautiful

          Have you met a blue angle in the park?

  1. A lame duck

          A man who cannot pay his debts

          He has no place on the stock exchange because he has proved himself lame duck.

  1. Earth hunger

          Passion for acquiring land

          Pasha has a number of buildings but he still wants to purchase more plots. His earth hunger will never be satisfied.

  1. In essence


          In essence the arguments are on the same lines.

  1. False alarm

          Warning of danger which turns out to be untrue

          People were saying that there was a road accident and five persons died, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

  1. Flavour of the mouth

          A person who is especially popular at the moment

          If I were you I’d keep quiet at the staff meeting, you’re not exactly flavour of the mouth with the boss at the moment.

  1. Flesh and fell

          Human being

          The flesh and fell are subject to decay.

  1. Full of one self

          Proud, vain

          I can’t stand that Fareeha is so full of herself, always boasting and so on.

  1. Gather dust

          Be forgotten or ignored

          As usual the report was left to gather dust and not dealt with by the authorities for years.

  1. Airs and graces

          Behavior and attitude

          Your success in life depends on your airs and graces.

  1. Heart of oak

Dare and courage

          You cannot face life today without a heart of oak.

  1. High and dry

          In a difficult situation

          When the travel company went bankrupt, many holiday-makers were left high and dry abroad or waiting at the airport.

  1. Inch by inch

Very slowly and gradually

          She crawled forward inch by inch.

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