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Spoken English for Beginners 3

Course Content

  • Weather and climate.
  • Name of months.
  • By the seaside in Karachi.
  • Preparations for travelling by train.
  • Buying a train ticket and booking a hotel room.
  • Hiring a taxi and a porter at station.
  • Does and don’t when travelling by train.
  • Checking in and out for a hotel.
  • More greetings and expressions of politeness.
  • Culture and local hospitality.
  • Saying where you want and how you were.
  • Shopping.
  • Identifying ┬ámore of geography of Pakistan.
  • Directions.
  • Making comparison.
  • Grammar:

The infinitives with post positions,The present continuous tens, The future tense, The past tense of the verb ‘To be’ rules for ‘must’ and ‘have to’.

English Beginners 3

English Beginners 3, aims to provide students with a basic knowledge of English and focuses on the acquisition of piratical communicative skills.Following in form English Beginner 1 and 2, this course continuous to cover some basic grammar, and vocabulary, enabling learners to communicate in English in real scenario.

The course in taught mainly in English and further developers the four skills of listening speaking, reading and writing students engage in interactive language activities., participating in group and pair work to practice vocabulary, expressions, grammar and structures. There is an overview, consolidation and feedback session in the final week, concentrating on the material in the terms.

By the end of the course the students will be able to.

  • Understand and use familiars everyday expressions and basic phases.
  • Introduce and describe him/herself and others.
  • Ask and answer questions about one’s daily routine.
  • Express likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies.
  • Induct in a simple way with others basic English.
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